The plants, grains, and fish below comprise the standard diet given to the patients in the film. With a few exceptions, this nu- tritional protocol is quite common throughout the upper Amazon basin, as well as parts of the Andean mountain range, with regard to traditional plant healing. It should be noted that this list does not include any spicy, salty, or bitter foods. It is generally held that potent foods with too much spice will interfere with the subtle energies of the daily medicinal plant regimen; accordingly, the pre- ferred diet should be bland but nourishing.

In preparation for a healing ceremony, this diet becomes even more simple. Patients are given only quinoa, green plantains, and in some instances, a very simple protein (such as bocachico, a small fish native to many tributaries of the Amazon River), without any salt or seasoning whatsoever.

Everything put in, on, or around your body (especially food) must be considered in terms of how it harmonizes or clashes with these natural plant medicines, and the work they are trying to do inside your body and energy field.

In order to maximize your healing and avoid any negative experiences, we follow and recommend a specific Ayahuasca diet for our Ayahuasca retreats.

You can think of this as creating a blank canvas within your system so the plants have as much space as possible to heal you without competition from other sources or interference from lower vibrational energies.

Avoid at least 2 weeks before dieta:

– Fried foods or excessive oil
– Sexual contact
– Spicy foods
– Fermented food
– Caffeine
– Non-fresh (canned or packaged) meat or fish products
– Liquid and Powdered protein extracts
– Brewers yeast or yeast-based supplements
– Dairy products
– Overripe fruits
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Excessive amounts of table salt
– Pork and red meat

It is important to avoid places and shamans, for whom the main reason of working with medicine is money, from this side threatens the danger of the greatest extent. Contraindications of Ayahuasca medicine are schizophrenia, epilepsy and severe somatic diseases, such as advanced diabetes or high blood pressure and also the state of people with severe depression or bipolar disorder. The drink is also not recommended for people taking antidepressants, particularly MAO inhibitors, because the psychoactive brew itself contains similar substances.